QOTD: What’s Your Favorite Flavor Of F-Body?

One week ago today, it was New Year’s Day. Jason Shafer got the year off to a great start here on Curbside Classic with a splendid post on the Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. In the comments section, many of you expressed just how much cooler the late 70s Firebird was than its F-Body contemporary, the Chevrolet Camaro. Then I saw this photo on the Flickr page of Curbivore Christian (cjcz92) and it got me thinking: do you have a preferred flavor of F-Body for each of the four generations where there was both a Chevy and a Pontiac?

In my eyes, the first-generation Firebird looked like an afterthought and the Camaro was more attractive.

That flipped for the second-generation. The Firebird looked better – vastly so for 1977-78, my favorite of this series – with perhaps only one exception, the 1974 model year.

The third-generation F-Bodies, as seen in the featured photo? That’s tough. The Firebird looks more sophisticated but the Camaro stands out more in my eyes.

Finally, the fourth-generation. The Firebird is a bulbous mess so I’ll take the Camaro, even after the questionable facelift.

So, are you consistently Camaro? Uniformly Firebird? Or does it depend on the series?