The Road To Detroit Outtakes, Part 2: St. Peters, Missouri

In Part 1, there was a Buick Cascada that was likely more rare than this Maserati.  As luck and fortune would have it, a Chevrolet was able to provide some stiff competition for the Buick in the “you never see one” department.

With this Caprice PPV being built in Australia, it’s even further from its place of birth than the Maserati.  Sales of the PPV topped out in 2013 at 3,899 units, which is a smidgeon over half of the Buick Cascada’s 2016 sales volume of 7,153.  With these rebadged Holden’s going primarily to police service, the survival rate will be minuscule in another five years.

Since the Buick has Kansas plates, it was already quite a distance from its regular stomping grounds.  One could even consider him as tailing the Maserati.