Ralf K Outtake: Buick Straight Eight – Now That’s a Hot Rod Engine I Can Get Behind

While I was gone, Ralf K. (Don Kincl) uploaded a motherlode of shots at the Cohort, and it’s going to take me a while to catch up with them. Here’s one that turns my crank: a shot of a Buick straight eight in a hot rod. I bet that pipe makes some sweet music.

Ford flathead V8s are the stereotypical engine in vintage hot rods, but that’s far from an accurate representation. Buick straight eights and GMC sixes were quite common, because of their overhead valves and big displacements. We’ve covered the GMC six in hot rod form here, but not the Buick. These long and heavy engines had eight exhaust ports, but only four siamesed intake ports, hence the log intake manifold with three carbs. But there were other variations on the theme.

Here’s another one from the web that has no less than six carbs feeding those eight hungry cylinders. And quite the exhaust header.

Buick eights came in three sizes: 248, 263 and the big block 320 incher. A vintage article about how to get more power out of them is here.

So now the question is what engine is that in the other hot rod in the background? I’m stumped, but one of you will know.