Cohort Outtake: Unconventional Car Carrier with Unconventional Cargo

This shot that was posted by Ralf K (Don Kincl) at the Cohort grabbed me, for more reasons than one. Let’s start with the truck. Don rightly notes that it’s a Mack. This is a rather unusual one for the brand, as it’s called a COE (Cab Over Engine), strictly speaking it’s more like a HCOE (Half Cab Over Engine), a term I just invented. These suddenly became quite popular in the later 30s, and it’s quite similar to this ’41 Chevy I wrote up a while back, as well as others.

Actually, it’s now a CAOE (Cab Ahead Of Engine), as this one has had its original six cylinder gas engine, which was in front and protruded about half way into the cab, with something a bit more powerful, and located in back of the cab. What engine might that be? The ubiquitous SBC?

I’m thinking not, given the plug wires come from the front. But I’m not really on expert, and I’ll let you all weigh on on that. Can you ID the automatic behind it too? Probably.

We haven’t gotten to the load on its back, which of course is a VW 1600 fastback Type III. Full story here. This is the later version, with its longer nose and bigger taillights. And it has a low rear tire.

Quite the combo.