Ralf K Outtakes: There Are Still Vegas On the Streets in Puyallup, WA

Looks like Ralf K. (Don Kincl) could have won our Great Vega Hunt recently with these two finds in his hometown of Puyallup, WA. This fine ’73 (I think) Kammback’s little exhaust pipe strongly suggest it still has its original 2300 engine. This little Kammback sure was a fine looking car, such good proportions and lines. That’s not to say it was the most practical wagon in the world, but it’s mighty cute.

And there’s another one…

I loved the Vega’s original front end, and rather hated the new “sloper” front end that came along in 1974. I guess it was dictated by the new bumper regs, as well as to look different after three years. It’s impossible to tell, but once again, given the stock wheels and otherwise originality of this hatchback coupe, the less-than delicate thrum of a 2300 is most likely to be heard when it starts up.

It sure is a treat to see two of these still on the road. Vegatastic!