Reader Sighting: Izuzu Axion – Very Rare

Isuzu Axion rr

CC reader Franco P. sent me some shots of a car that he had not seen in the wild in a long time. Well, I’ve never seen an Izuzu Axion ever! Very rare indeed.

Isuzu Axiom sfq

Looks like the owner’s sense of humor was only applied to the back end, as here it’s still an Axiom.

Isuzu Axiom ff

And it’s still an Isuzu in front.

Admittedly, the Isuzu Axiom has also become pretty rare in the wild too. It was one of Isuzu’s numerous desperate measure to try to stay relevant in the market, which was quickly shifting away from BOF SUVs to unibody CUVs. So they made this one look as much as possible like a tame and civilized CUV instead of a genuine 4×4. But it didn’t work, obviously. Isuzu is down to just making genuine trucks. Is Mitsubishi the next to go?