This 1968 Fiat 600 Sends Greetings From Our CC Readers in Argentina

Jose Luis Herrera sent me this sweet message and these pictures of his neighbor’s Fiat 600:

Hello Curbs !

that’s my neighbour’s mechanic garage area , they’re trying to restore this beauty a circa 1968 Fiat 600 E , actually at least for Latinamerican’s taste the Fiat 600 was far more important and beloved than overrated Fiat 500 .
With best greets from around Buenos Aires’ suburbs in Argentine 
( plus big thanks your website is the biggest goal of journalism ) , 
Here’s a closer look at that message on the Fiat’s nose and some more pictures of it.

I’m always a bit surprised to find out just how many loyal readers we have around the globe, but especially in Argentina and Brazil. We’ve had some terrific posts over the years, but I do feel that I sometimes neglect the obscure South American cars posted at the Cohort. I really need to give them more attention.
As to the claim that the 600 was much more important and beloved than the overrated 500, I quite agree. The 600 was historically significant, as the first in a long line of water-cooled four cylinder rear engine Fiats, and as such was more capable than the 500, which was designed to the lowest possible price point and as such was rather compromised, with its noisy, feeble inline air cooled twin.
There was lots of hop-up potential in the 600, by using the larger versions of the same basic engine as used in the 850, as well as just the usual tricks of bigger carbs, cams and exhaust. These little mouses could roar.
In Argentina, the 600 was built locally from 1960 all the way to 1982, in a number of series (600, 600 D, 600 E, 600 S), with various improvements and power increases. The 600 R used a 773 cc version and and 600 S had an 843 cc version of the four.
It looks a bit lost among the other cars there, but it’s good to know it’s getting the love. As are we.
Saludos a nuestro CC amigos en Argentina!