Curbside Comparison: Century and Pixis Pickup – Toyota’s Most and Least Expensive Models

While doing a little research for the Probox article last week, I was reviewing Toyota’s Japanese website and saw several models that were priced under $10K.  That got me thinking; what’s the gap between Toyota’s most and least expensive models?  Fortunately, the answer was right on this same website…

Yes, there is quite a spread between the most and least expensive Toyota.  On the high end we have the ultra-luxury Century.  There are quite a few posts here on the Century so I won’t go into detail on its history – but in over fifty-four years of production, it is now in just its third generation.

Modified Imperial “Royal” Century


It’s Toyota’s entry into the “Executive-class” market and sits atop the company’s lineup – like a regal Emperor on his throne, which is mirrored in real-life as the current Reiwa Emperor’s Limousine is a specialized “Royal” version Century.

1GZ-FE V12


The current Century uses the powertrain from the Lexus LS 600h – the 5.0 liter 2UR-FSE V8 with hybrid electric drive – with a combined power of 425 hp and 480 ft lbs of torque.  Smooth and adequate I’m sure, but my preference would be the previous generation’s 1GZ-FE 5.0 liter V12.  Just like a Corolla, you can get your Century in various grades – base model (not much basic about it) goes for approximately $190K – while the top-end Limousine similar to the “Royal” version lists at $600K (current exchange rates).

Now let’s go down-market a little – and look at the kei-class Pixis Pickup.

The Pixis is a badge-engineered version of the Daihatsu Hijet.  A base model Pixis truck goes for 693,000 yen, or about $6,600.  For that you get a 658 cc three cylinder pushing out 56 hp, a 5-speed manual, and a 350 kilogram carrying capacity.  The three cylinder is mid-mounted, and can be accessed from under the seats.

So, from the most expensive Century to the least expensive Pixis, we get a gap of approximately $594,000.00.

Just a little piece of trivia but interesting…

Are there other manufacturers with a larger gap?  Possibly, maybe a Maybach and an A-Class?  A Maserati and a Fiat Panda?  A Ford GT and a Fiesta?  If you can think of any others, feel free to comment below.

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