Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1988 Chevrolet Celebrity Eurosport Coupe – Two Door Sedan, Actually

William Rubano has found and posted an increasingly rare sight: a Celebrity two door. It’s called “coupe”, but is of course a two-door sedan, in reality, as it has the same roof line as the four door sedan. The Buick and Olds A-Bodies got genuine coupe roofs part way through their (long) run, but not the Celebrity and Pontiac 6000.

But then their run wasn’t as long; in fact this ’88 is a last-year Celebrity, to be replaced by the Corsica and Beretta in 1989. And the two-door was by far the rarest of the line-up, representing only 5% of the production.

It’s powered by the venerable FI 2.8 V6, rated at 120 hp. Or is it 135? The Encyclopedia lists both. Does it make a difference?

A bit boxy, eh? The Taurus made these cars look obsolete the day it arrived. Back to the drawing board…