CC Corvair Week Kickoff: Which Gen1 Corvair For You?

It’s Corvair Week at CC. The controversial rear-engined Corvair is right up there in the competition as the most-written about car ever. There’s no way we can do the whole story in one day, or even in one week for that matter. So we’re going to focus on certain versions and aspects of the most unique and compelling car ever built on a mass scale in the US. And we’re going to stick to the gen 1 Corvairs, this time around.

The Corvair was infinitely fascinating to me as a kid, and I pored over them in the dealers, and the brochures in the privacy of my bedroom. All the pictures are so familiar, including this one from the 1963 brochure. Why couldn’t that have been me back there, instead of cooped up in the back seat of a hot and crowded black Fairlane sedan?  Ah yes, the pre seat-belt era. Don’t take that curve too fast, Daddy! And don’t hit the brakes in the curve if you do! Otherwise Ralph will have a few more statistics to add to his growing list.

I eventually got my Corvair, but it wasn’t a Spyder or convertible. But then it was free, so who’s to complain (write-up coming later this week). I only wish I’d stashed it in a barn for forty years. So it’s time to let our imaginations run rampant, and indulge in a little MMing: which gen1 Corvair for you?

Me: a 1964 Spyder coupe, white with “Antique Saddle” interior. Or maybe black interior. Or a silver Fitch Sprint (above). Or maybe the convertible after all. Or maybe…