Curbside Crash Outtake: Kapow!

CC 231 127 1200

I’ve read that Fridays during evening rush hour is the highest time for crashes (I refuse to call them “accidents”, a terrible misnomer in almost all cases). I’m not exactly into crash scene voyeurism, but when you see the whole thing unfold in front of you…taking a shot of the aftermath just seems part of the job. By the time I’d pulled into Jerry’s Home Improvement Center, parked and took this shot, it was obvious (and a bit surprising) that no one was badly hurt, as both drivers are out of their cars, the driver of the (offending) Ranger having just crawled out his window. The position of these vehicles does not reflect how they were traveling before physics intervened. 

Jerry’s a very popular store, is located along a busy stretch of Hwy. 99 where the speed limit is 55. Turning right into it to get back into town is hard enough. But turning left can be very challenging when traffic is heavy. But the driver of this Ranger just went; perhaps he didn’t see the red Aveo because another car in the right lane was blocking his view? But He pulled out directly into the path of the Aveo, which knocked the Ranger on its side in a cloud of dust.

It also turned the Ranger almost 180 degrees from the direction it was coming (from that left-turn arrow painted on the road), and the Aveo got turned almost 90 degrees too. The Aveo seems to have come through pretty well, its front end doing what it was designed to do. The Ranger took it on the lower door and sill, and pretty hard. I suspect that Ranger driver may find himself to be sorer or more hurt than he thinks initially.

And so another stupid move puts innocent lives into danger.