CC Effect Outtake: Yes, There Are Early Explorers In Eugene – The CC Effect Explained

 Ford Explorer 3 800no Explorers in Eugene? But plenty of VW buses

At 9:39 AM today (Tuesday), I left this comment at Jim Grey’s Ranger post: Add a first generation Explorer to your list. Seriously; we’ve never done an Explorer CC, and it needs to be one of the early ones. Amazingly, there’s none here. Where have they all gone? Exploded? Cash for Clunkers?  Ten minutes later, I got in the car to run an errand. Coming up to the third light, I noticed the distinctive grille of an Early Explorer behind me. Aha! That was quick. I extricated my phone just as the light was turning green,and peeled off this rather crummy shot, but it proves two points: There are early Explorers in Eugene. And The CC effect really works; all too well.

But how? Well, I hate to pop the magic bubble, but I figured out even well before starting CC that there was an effect like that which could be easily turned on.

Chevrolet 1991-1994 Lumina_sedan_--_04-10-2011

Well, I more or less knew it from way back, but one example really brought it home to me. About ten years ago, I had a new tenant, a young woman, who drove a white Chevy Lumina. I hadn’t thought about that highly forgettable car in some time, which made me assume that there really weren’t any around anymore, or very few. Well, the very next day, I saw another one, also white. And then I started seeing them all the time. This went on for weeks; maybe a month or so. I kept seeing white Luminas, way more than I would ever have imagined still existed. They were everywhere….and I almost went in for psychotherapy.

And then one day…no more white Luminas. Well; not that they disappeared, but one day, months later, I realized that I hadn’t “seen” one in ages.

Of course, it’s all about what we’re looking for. Our brain tries to make sense of all the crazy patterns out there, and if a particular pattern has been brought to mind, it will find them, as long as they really exist, of course. If they don’t exist, it really is a problem. My brain was tricked into thinking that white Luminas were important; prey, or an enemy, or a possible mate. Until I “turned it off”, inadvertently. And thankfully; it was getting rather tedious..white Luminas, of all things.

And so it is (was) with the early Explorer. I’m always scanning for prey CCs, but Explorers were not on the list. Until they were, and one popped up behind me within a few blocks of leaving the house.

Now the question is: Do I really want to shoot one and write it up. I already have so many more interesting cars that I captured. Maybe I can “release” the Explorer, and I won’t see anymore? Or maybe there really is a CC Effect, and now I’m doomed…how long does it last, anyway?