CC Engine Swap Complete; Mostly (Or Not)

Engine swap

(Update: Mostly not. Server spikes causing time-outs are worse than ever. Try back later or tomorrow) We’ve fired it up, and it’s running mostly, but it’s going to take a bit of fine tuning. We’re talking about the new site, which obviously looks a bit different now. The primary goal was to improve functionality, eliminating the server spikes that created delays and time-outs. It’s too early to tell yet how that’s going to play out, but our webmaster is working on it right now.

I didn’t spend three months agonizing over a lot of creative issues, like a new logo and such. I’m really slammed these days, and a site re-do was the last thing I wanted to take on right now. So we kept it simple: a change to a serif font to improve readability for our aging eyes. We’ve moved the CC Portals up to the top, but they’re not up to date, though, which has to be done manually and has been neglected for some nine months. Anybody want to volunteer? And the pictures in the Portals are not the final ones. And I can already see a couple of other details that need fixing. The main thing of course was switching over to a new platform (Word Press theme) that can be more readily kept up to date. Thanks for your patience, and hopefully this thing will run….faster, soon.