CC Flat Paint Outtake: Mercedes CLK Coupe – A Flat Out Lie

CC 208 001 800

I wouldn’t have broken my stride to shoot even the one shot I took of this CLK, if it hadn’t been for our new flat paint series. These blobby and dull little cars, sent out by Mercedes on an utterly futile mission to replace the brilliant W124 E-Series coupe, perfectly represent the great fall of the house of Mercedes starting right about then (1996 or so). The CLK’s whole mission was such over-reach; give the little C-Series a coupe body, change its name, jack up its price and sell it as a successor to the E-Series coupe, the last of a long line of venerable predecessors. Pffft; decades of hard-earned brand equity up in a feeble little puff of smoke. Nothing to see here; let’s keep moving.