CC For Sale: 1962 Dodge Dart–Complex Modern Art Masterpiece

When you’re looking at cars for sale on Craigslist, you never know what you’re going to find.  So when I saw this 1962 Dodge Dart listed with its accompanying pictures, I thought, “Oh, wow!  This is really something!”  I was further shocked to discover that, except for one junky wagon, no one had ever posted multiple photos of an actual curbside example on CC!

This car is so mint, so pure, so over-the-top in its late Forward Look glory, that it’s hard to find words to express what I’m seeing.  I think the way to look at it is to treat it like a complex modern art masterpiece, and try to see and feel what the artist is saying.  If you like studying the fine details of a car and how they flow together, have I got the car for you!

I’m providing links to Craigslist and a car auction site so you can see everything and read all the glorious prose: “It is so rare to find a 60-year-old car that is this clean and original.”   “With clean lines and elegant curves, this 1962 Dodge Dart is a good looking car. Even though it’s 60 years old, this car looks like it was designed and built in the future.”  “The gauges look like they are straight out of a spaceship.”  “The engine runs strongly and certainly packs a punch.”

We all know that sales listings can be here today and gone tomorrow, so I am preserving for all time on CC what I consider the best pictures.  I’m just going to lay them out here with no extra commentary from me, and you can just drink them all in as you scroll down.  All I can say is that . . . starting in 1957-58, then ’59, ’60, ’61 . . . Dodge kept hitting the public with these flashy, startling, sensational, eye-popping designs;  finally culminating in this out-of-this-world, downsized finale!  After this, “normality” prevails, and things would never be this way again!


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