CC For Sale: 1968 International “1200” Flatbed Truck – “Huge Engine”

CC 247 012 1200

Anybody need a solid old hard-working truck? A few years back, especially if it had a dump bed, I’d have been all over it. But I’m starting to see myself a bit past that phase. And renting a dump truck for the day is so easy and convenient; beats keeping another old rig going. But someone out there will undoubtedly give this cornbinder a home.

CC 247 024 1200

Here’s the particulars. $3,200…hmm. I have no frame of reference, except the $500 I paid for my ’66 F100 back in 1987. Huge engine?

CC 247 022 1200

I couldn’t resist opening the hood after that boast. Well, all of these IH gas V8s are pretty good size on the outside, but this one might well be one of the smallest ones in the range in terms of actual displacement, most likely the 304, but possibly even the 266.

So what’s up with that toothed fan belt? It looks like it’s on inside out. Eric VB will tell us.

CC 247 015 1200

I’m also wondering if this isn’t actually a 1300 series truck (one ton), as the 1200 was a nominal 3/4 ton. Those dual rear wheels and hubs rather suggest that.

CC 247 020 1200

It’s a long way from home. But given the lack of rust, this International probably made the trip out west early in its long life.

CC 247 019 1200

The interior is a bit less than original, with that single bucket seat and non-stock steering wheel. But that distinctive shifter with the multiple bends is very much stock; I remember the feel of one of them in my hand in the many IH trucks Baltimore County had when I worked for them for a short stint, and was quickly promoted to driving their trucks. Yes!

CC 247 017 1200

My heart wants to take it home, but my head tells me to do what I always do when I see a car or truck on the side of the road that I fall for: take some pics, and post it at CC. Much cheaper in the long run.