CC For Sale: 1978 Ford Fairmont Wagon – Asking a Fairamount

After the Dodge camper van, here’s another piece of classic Americana I found in the parking lot of the Autotron exhibition location, early November. This one had te koop for sale written all over it.

A seemingly original 1978 Ford Fairmont wagon with a 200 c.i. inline-6 under its hood.

A recent import, as it was first registered in the Netherlands only this year. The car is older than 40 years, thus road tax free. The Ford’s APK (Algemene Periodieke Keuring, our legally required technical~safety inspection) is valid till May 2021.

The APK is biyearly, as the car is older than 30 years. There’s a yearly inspection for cars from 8 to 30 years old, this applies to gasoline and electric engines. No inspection at all for cars with a first registration prior to January 1, 1960.

Any car dealership or independent garage can be a testing station, as long as they have an official permit for doing these inspections. The costs? Roughly € 20 to € 65. I’ve been paying the lower amount for my sets of wheels over the past years.

Back to the Ford. It’s about the same size as a modern E-segment wagon, think Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Volvo V90 and such. That’s somewhere around an overall length of 495 cm (195”).

A tan interior (nice!) in a good and clean condition. The asking price for this low profile, classic FoMoCo wagon is € 4,950. Sounds fair enough.

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