CC Outtake: 1979 Dodge Sportsman Maxiwagon Camper Van – Curtains Required For Privacy Reasons

Last November, I walked by this long ‘n tall Dodge B-Series camper van. It’s based on the Sportsman Maxiwagon, so with the long wheelbase (127”) and extended rear overhang. Furthermore, it has a raised roof with side windows.

It got its first registration in the Netherlands in May 1981, it was imported into my country as a used, though still fairly new vehicle…oh look, there’s a 1982 Saab 900 EMS in the background. Too bad folks, I don’t have more pictures of that sweet Swede.

The Dodge is powered by a V8 (displacement not registered), running on LPG. The two-tone cabin cruiser can float around road-tax-free, given the fact that it’s older than forty years. Apart from that, reduced taxes apply to all types of camper vans and motorhomes younger than forty years.

Maxi airy greenhouse, with a sliding door on the right side (instead of two hinged doors). Of course you’ve already identified the vehicle on the Dodge’s left side.

I hope the CC-commentariat can come up with any additional information about the Big Dodge. Besides Sportsman and Maxiwagon, there were no other clues on the whole van.

This pre-1979 B-Series Family Wagon Royale by the Travco company comes close, although it’s not a Maxiwagon. Feel free to fill in the blanks.

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