CC For Sale: 1979 AMC Concord Bureau Of Indian Affairs Hearse – The Most Modest Hearse Ever?

AMC Concorde hearse frs

I got this e-mail from CC reader Isaac: I was wondering if you guys know anything about AMC selling cars to the U.S. government in the 1970s, and if AMC offered a hearse option on their wagons. I found this listing on Craigslist in South Dakota and have never seen anything like this. I tried doing an internet search on the validity of this vehicle, but did not have any luck. I am not interested in purchasing this car, but I am just curious if this vehicle is authentic.

Well, it looks all too authentic to me. Who else would dress up a Concord wagon to look like a BIA hearse?

AMC Concord hearse sign

Here’s the sign on the door. That looks pretty authentic and original.

AMC Concord hearse door

The ad says: Rear armrest, window cranks, door handels and seat factory deleted. Not bad, for craigslist-speak. And that looks and sounds authentic. It would probably be hard to come by a Concord rear door trim without the holes otherwise.

AMC Concord hearse platform

Here’s the business end of this rather unique “hearse wagon”. No frills; just the basics.

AMC Concord hearse int f

The upholstery looks great. The ad does say Low miles. Not surprisingly. It also says 258ci, auto transmission, COLD A/C. I guess it isn’t all that modest then. The only thing that doesn’t look authentic are chrome wheels and bay moons.

AMC Concord hearse dash

There’s that A/C and parcel shelf we talked about the other day. Price? $4,000. Bet you’re not likely to run into another one too soon. But somehow, I’m not attracted to the idea of driving this around. A bit too much karma for my taste.


AMC Concorde hearse fr