CC For Sale: 1979 Pontiac Bonneville – Minty, In More Ways Than One…


(first posted 6/6/2013)     Here’s a fine specimen of B-body 1977-79 Bonnie, in that light mint green that was available on many 1979 GM full-sizers. We recently read a number of posts concerning GM’s mistakes and subsequent crash, so let’s regroup, relax, take a deep breath and just enjoy a pristine example of what GM made best once upon a time: plush, comfy V8-powered cruisers.


This one looks great in Pastel Green, especially with the skirts and no vinyl roof. Sport mirrors are also a plus. It is no secret that I love these things, as my many posts on CC regarding the now-elusive 1977-79 full-size Pontiac have proven time and time again. As a result, I regularly troll ebay, adhuntr and for primo examples.


As is the case with this non-Brougham (sorry Mr. Bennett!) Bonneville four-door sedan. Remember green interiors? I miss them. It doesn’t help that my favorite color is green. Dad’s car had this exact interior, only in Camel.


Not only is this one in a rare and interesting (to me, at least) color, it is also the very same year as Dad’s–though his was brown and had a beige vinyl roof. When I was born, my folks owned three cars: a 1973 Volvo 1800ES (CC here), 1951 Porsche 356 (known as “that piece of junk” by Mom) and a 1977 Volvo 245DL wagon. The Bonneville was a company car.


It seems as though I’m the only one who really remembers it, despite the fact that I was about three when it was replaced with a new 240 2-door sedan. Thus, my love of these things thirty-odd years later. And this one is a much cooler color!


The ad has since disappeared into the digital ether, but I hope the new owner realizes what he has: a near-pristine example of one of the scarcest B-bodies, as the Pontiac versions never sold very well. But I love ’em!


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