CC For Sale: 1982 Toyota Cressida Elegante – “Pre-Lexus Luxury” In The Toyota Of Broughams

Toyota Cressida Elegante side

This is Niedermeyer Brougham Day. And how better to honor it than with a genu-yine Toyota Cressida Brougham. Well, Elegante, actually, as the tasteful halo vinyl roof badge proclaims so proudly. Speaking of, the first thing that may come to mind is what happened to the rear window, given how far back this formal roof extends. Are you ready for this (I don’t think so)?

Toyota Cressida Elegante r

I didn’t think so. Wowsa! A tunnel-back Brougham. And on a Toyota no less. And here’s the best thing: it’s for sale on ebay right now, with only two days left to bid. And the current bid is at $850. Shoot, I shouldn’t have told you all about it, and now a bidding war will ensue.

Toyota Cressida Elegante int

That’s a pretty Broughmtastic interior too. Toyota wasn’t going to be left out of the game in the eighties. The seller describes this fine car as “Pre-Lexus Luxury in this rare dealer-optioned Cressida”. And he claims a little old lady owned it until 2011. And guess where: Florida, of course. Isn’t there a city in Florida called Broughamville? Or is it Gran Broughamville? Or am I thinking of Brougham Beach?

Toyota Cressida Elegante

hat tip to Lincman!