1966 For Sale Ad: 1964 Ferrari GTO, $9,500 – Today Worth Some $70 Million, or 7,368% Appreciation

I showed you some enticing ads from the January 1966 Road and Track. But the February issue has that beat hands down. There’s two 1964 Ferrari GTO’s for sale. The second one is cheaper, and has genuine racing provenance, having come in “First overall Daytona ’64”.  That asking price of $9500 adjusts to $77k in 2021 dollars.

If one had bought this, given the recent price of $70 million for a GTO in 2018, the most expensive car ever sold, that amounts to a 7,368% increase. Not a bad investment, eh?

Here’s the $70 million ’63 GTO, which won the 1964 famed Tour de France race and came in fourth at Le Mans.