Auction Classic: 1972 BMW 2000 Touring – What The Heck (Klappe), Honduras?


I simply don’t get it dear reader. Is all the car culture in Honduras simply hiding away in garages across the country? Only let out once or twice in the early morning or at the end of a weekend afternoon where very few are in the road and so there are very few to see it? It’s the only way I can explain awesome cars appearing with some regularity on the local online classifieds.

Well, I say some regularity. The last time I saw something this interesting was that cool 230S almost exactly a year ago. In the same dealership too. There’s something very odd about that Hyundai dealership getting people trading in their rare and desirable German metal for some random motoring appliance. Yes they are old and taking care of them  requires a bit more effort than just taking it to wherever and telling them to service it, but the rewards of having a classic car from a time where German cars were solidly built as well as exciting. Maybe they are put off by the lack of screens and Air Conditioning.


The ‘02s didn’t need all that sauce to sell. Partly because the market didn’t expect a miniature version of CERN in their cockpits, partly because they were just so damn good cars. The Neue Klasse set the template with which BMW moved away from Isettas and 700’s and into the ultimate driving machine reputation that it seems desperate to get rid of nowadays. Oh well, their loss is our gain; and what a gain it is too. Our featured model is a 1972 BMW 2000 Touring. Not 2002 Touring; that name would come with the 1973 models. Yes, it’s confusing, but since the Touring with its hatchback (“Heckklappe”) was never sold in the US, only the rest of the world had the opportunity to be thus confused.

Finished in Colorado Light Orange with a Blue/Black vinyl interior. Power comes from the 101-horsepower single carb 2.0-liter engine, and its output is sent to the back through a four speed manual transmission. Mileage is unknown. Well, unknown to us, it seems they have an intern who can’t spell the word “Halogena” and couldn’t be bothered looking at the odometer.

As with the 230S, words can’t accurately express how much I’d like to buy it and bring it to the Solis household. It would make a nice compliment to the ones we already have around. You have the one for hauling things, the one for hauling people and the fun one. That last space could be filled with a two-wheel vehicle of some sort of course, but opportunities like these are rare to come by. Alas, as usual it’s too expensive to afford…I think.


You see, along with forgetting the mileage, they’ve also decided to keep the price close to themselves, just leaving a space where the price should be with the word “Consultar” on it. That’s the Spanish word for “If you have to ask…”. The listing is here, and it has me wondering what will they come up with at around this time next year. Surely someone has a 1979 Audi 200 stashed away somewhere. You never know when him or his relatives will want a new Tucson.