For Sale: 1964 Renault Dauphine EV – No Battery, No Suspension, No Rear Brakes, No Seats, But It Comes With Half A Ducati Bike In It – $3000

There’s a lot of weird stuff out there on Craigslist and FB Marketplace, but this takes the cake, at least for today. CC’s dman sent me the link to this ad, for a 1964 Renault Dauphine converted to an EV. But at this stage of the game, since there’s no battery, maybe the best solution is to hook up the Ducati motorcycle engine (that’s jammed in the front passenger seat) to the (unsprung) golf cart rear axle; just needs a chain or a belt. Or maybe hook a generator to the Ducati engine to drive the electric motor? But hey, it’s got some awesome rear wheels attached to that golf cart rear axle; are those genuine spokes? It’s starting to look like a real bargain.

As is so often the case, it’s better to let the author of the ad speak for himself, as it’s much more eloquent and understated than anything I could say:

Clean Vermont title and plates. Rolling chassis, will need tow. Has new brake master cylinder, has only front brakes, they work well.

Nice to know that it at least has front brakes; beats doing a Fred Flintstone brake maneuver (feet against the pavement).

Doesn’t have a Prius battery anymore but if you put in a 48v battery it will scoot around. Has a rear axle from a golf cart. 

Hmm…given that a Prius traction battery has 201.6 Volts, something’s a bit off here. Golf cart motors are designed for either 36 or 48 Volts, so this thing must have really flown with a 201 Volt Prius battery. Dauphine were a popular choice for these EV conversions back in the ’60s and ’70s because they were light and had more room in the back for the bank of 6 Volt golf cart batteries that energized them, for maybe 25-35 miles, in ideal conditions. Their major deadly fault was that folks tended to run down the lead acid batteries too far, resulting in their premature demise. Range often shriveled away down to 5-10 miles, all too soon. And let’s not even talk about their speed capabilities.

Static suspension.

Now that’s an oxymoron if ever there was one. But yes, this is a rigidly mounted golf cart axle (and motor), so those deadly original swing axles are gone. Good riddance! Who needs a suspension anyway?

Motor controller and charger on board.

You see; this really is a bargain.


Have rear lights, front bumper and some trim.

But no front seats. Minor detail; I’m sure your local junkyard will have some in the vintage French car section.

Comes with half a Ducati because I have nowhere to put it (also has clean Vermont title and plates.)

Aha! Now we get to the really good stuff. You’ve always wanted half a Ducati, right? Too bad he doesn’t tell us which half is jammed in there.

But it looks like it includes the famous Ducati V-2 engine. The exposed cam drives makes for an educational experience, as I’ve never seen these before, but it might not be a very positive indicator as to the health of this engine. Looks like a few other key parts are missing too. So it really is half a Ducati with half an engine. But that shouldn’t be an impediment to a buyer, eh?


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