CC For Sale: 1964 Volvo 122S – Daniel Needs Airfare To Asia


When I spotted this fine old Volvo Amazon on the street on our walk today, I had to get a few shots, despite having shot several others. That prompted its owner to appear, to talk about it and let me know it’s for sale. He needs airfare to Asia. So who’s going to bite?


First things first: Daniel’s been asking $5,000, but he’s quite ready to take $4,000. And yes, it appears he’s been living out of it.


It’s got some authentic patina, but the body looks very solid. It’s a handsome car, the 122.


It’s a 122S, with the twin-SU carb B-18 engine that made these lively in their day.


And that engine is very fresh, having recently been rebuilt professionally. Daniel says he’s got way too much into that engine, and that it runs sweetly.


In lots of ways, this car is similar to the VW Beetle that tempted me a few weeks back. Or is it months now? Both of them are solid, original cars with patina, and with rebuilt engines. And tempting, as a consequence.

If you’re seriously tempted, say so here, as Daniel doesn’t have a phone, but will be monitoring this post. We’ll put you in touch somehow.