CC For Sale: 1965 Dodge Coronet Wagon with 37k Miles – Who Says You Can’t Go Back?

Here’s my chance to relieve my misspent youth! A ’65 Coronet wagon exactly like the Niedermeyer family truckster, except for the color scheme, and the period-correct mag wheels, which of course I would have died to have on ours. I could tear up my driver’s license and take it out for illicit drives just like back then. My very first (and very illicit) drive ever was in the Coronet, although one can never recreate the adrenaline of heading out on that adventure.

Thanks to a link to a Hemmings ad sent to me by Matt Spencer, this will likely be my only chance ever, as these are now exceedingly rare.


Here’s the ad copy:

This is a real untouched, unmolested 1965 Dodge Coronet Station Wagon, 440 with 37k original miles on it. Original white on red interior. Yes we have the original wheels and hub caps but had to put Torque Thrust 15″ on it. 318 Wide block motor runs perfect; I have never seen a cleaner under hood original Mopar like this. Original everything under the hood, great mileage and looks like crazy, you do not see these.

There is absolutely no rust and everything works. Am radio, adjustable drivers mirror were the options in the day. The car still has the original factory paint runs in the door jams, and the red paint that was first sprayed at the factory for the rear quarter panel stripe.

Electric rear window for the tailgate. The front fenders, and headlight trim has its little dings from grandma left it alone. The originality cannot be beat. the original red interior, seats carpets headliner are as new, rear does not even look like it has been sat in. Fold down rear seat huge rear bay area. no tears or rips anywhere.

Original jack system in the truck and behind the rear seat, original spare tire still in its place. all glass and trim, chrome perfect.

Too much info to list, you will not find another like this. I have many more pictures of the vehicle but you get the key points. Save thousands on a project build if you want to take to the next level like a new Hemi, never a better platform like this. The bottom of the car has never been touched wrecked or altered, seriously drives straight one finger on the wheel.

Drives as it is basically new. Would drive this cross country today and this has 100’s of thousands of miles left, you will not see another like this.

Please email your number for a call back, showing and or to discuss purchase. I will call you back asap. 206-409-7400 call or text

Could be a great pusher for your drag car or crackle fest!!!! Drop a new Hemi in it and a driver like no other. Pictures do not do it justice.

What!?! Drop a hemi in it!?!  Come on; a Coronet 440 just screams for a…440 big block. Like I used to imagine ours had, when my imagination was in overdrive.


A most familiar sight.  I could more readily recreate that legal long three-day drive in 1970 when I drove my family most of the way back from the Rockies in Colorado to Baltimore because my dad was sick. The high point was keeping the speedometer needle right at 80, as that was the limit on the Kansas turnpike back then. My dad kept leaning over and peering at the speedometer to make sure I wasn’t going any faster.

And here’s the proof, in terms of the mileage. This wagon must have lived a very sheltered life.



Ours was upholstered in a tan textured vinyl. And I don’t remember any seat belts in back, because there weren’t any. I’m guessing this is a six-passenger version; ours had the rear-facing third seat.

Here’s our Coronet, the only picture of it I can readily find, from probably 1967. That’s me by the back door, and my younger brother on the tailgate. And that’s my grandmother next to my mom, on her one and only visit to us in the states. She was in her 80s then, and had never traveled more than some 100km or so from her hometown of Innsbruck. Needless to say, it was her first plane ride. She was very desperate to go to the bathroom after she got off the plane in New York; she didn’t realize there were toilets on the plane! Tough woman; lived to be 98.


Looks like this Coronet has some august company.


Wow; is this a familiar sight. The 318 polysphere A Block engine was of course a staple in so many Mopars up through 1966, after which it was replaced by the lighter and somewhat peppier 318 LA. Basically the same block, but with modern wedge combustion chambers that were much more compact and weighed some 60 lbs less, IIRC.

A reliable lump of an engine, except for a nasty tendency to stall on moist/rainy mornings before the heat of the engine dried out the distributor. I couldn’t get it to peel rubber except under great duress. The wagons had a lot more weight on their rear ends, which of course made them popular as drag cars.

It’s very tempting, until one gets to the asking price: $25,000. My memories are precious, but even they have a dollar value.