CC For Sale: 1967 Mercedes 230S – Not Cheap Then, Not Cheap Now


CC reader Bryan L. sent me these shots of a very nice condition Mercedes 230S for sale in a suburban Dallas, TX parking lot. It’s had a fair amount of work done to it, and it only has 53k miles, so no, it’s not going to be cheap.


Here’s the list of everything that’s been fixed or replaced, and some more info on it. So how much? Bryan called up to find out: $14,500 OBO.


1967 was the last year for the “Flossen” (W110/W111) models. The new W114/115 four and six cylinder models arrived in 1968 to replace them, and the W108, often called the first S-Series, had already made this 230S rather redundant. Strictly speaking, there was no clearly defined S Class yet, and the fact that this 230S and the quite different 250/280S/SE were sold side-by-side makes that obvious.


The 230/230S had the 2308 cc version of the SOHC six that had been around for quite some time; it was a classic already. In the S version, it sported two two-barrel carbs and was rated at 135 hp. The automatic that came with this car was a four-speed with a fluid coupling, not unlike the early Hydramatics. It shifted rather crisply, and had a decidedly mechanical feel compared to a torque converter automatic.


Bryan said it was hard to get a shot of the interior, but said that the upholstery and everything else looked very nice. And it has air conditioning, and the original sticker identifying at so is still on  the rear window. Nice touch.


The American style fins were controversial. As were the little 13″ wheels. But these cars had a very refined suspension for the times, with the new single-pivot independent rear suspension being a substantial improvement over the old-school swing axles it replaced. They were still technically swing axles, but without most of the vices.

So, any takers?