CC For Sale: 1969 Firebird 350 Convertible – Worth It?

We’ve walked by this yellow Firebird ragtop numerous times on our walk down to the river and back. But then one day this past summer a For Sale sign appeared on it.

$25K. Well, I really don’t follow values on cars like this, but it’s certainly not cheap.


The 350 was the base V8. The two barrel version was standard, and a four barrel was optional. Now if this had the 230 hp Sprint OHC six, backed by the four speed, my pulse would quicken some. 1969 was the last year for the Pontiac OHC six, after a very short four year production run.

No four speed here. But at least by 1969 the automatic was the three-speed THM, as only the base six was still available with the two-speed automatic.

But it has a bumper hitch, which may not exactly contribute to its value. And it’s yellow, although its body is hardly pristine. So does this get any juices flowing? Or is this the wrong crowd to be asking that?