CC For Sale: 1970 International Travelall 4×4 4WD Springfield Ambulance – $3,250 – “Sold As Is, A (Rusty) Project, Not Running”

John K. sent me the link to this Craigslist ad, for something a bit out of the mainstream for you Cornbinder fans: a 1970 Travelall 4WD ambulance, by Springfield. Just don’t get too excited yet, as it has a few issues.

As is obvious, this is an extended wheelbase unit, based on the 1200 series Travelall. And one of the major issues is already visible here.

The ad says: “Body has rust“. That’s something of an understatement.

And it’s not just the wheel wells and rockers.

It’s the floor and…  the sellers claims “The frame is solid”. Well, that’s possible, as these were pretty tough frames. It appears that this extended frame must have come from the factory, as there’s no signs of it being extended with plugs later.

That’s a 392 V8 sitting there. “Motor does not turn over (most likely from sitting), currently has mystery oil in the cylinders, no further effort to start it has been made“. Well, if it has Mystery Oil in the cylinders, it must be good to go. No worries on that account.

Looks like a wee bit of rust has made it into this area too. Makes me wonder how long the hood will stay on.

Looks like the original console with all the controls for the lights, siren and whatever is still there. Seller says “21k miles showing on the odometer unsure if it has rolled over“. Does it matter?

Would make a great restoration project or go anywhere overland RV camping vehicle. Looks like that’s already how it was being used last, as I doubt they put the patients on that plywood bed.

That seat is obviously still original.

The Springfield ambulance was uncommon, I have not confirmed the number built but saw another ad claiming only three high top Springfield Internationals were made this year. Sold with bill of sale only. As-Is. Price is firm.  Probably as firm as its body.


Full ad here.