CC For Sale: 1974 Chrysler Newport – Relive The First Energy Crisis For $2,995!

There probably aren’t a whole lot of 1974 big Chryslers out there anymore, as they weren’t exactly a hot item in 1974, in the throes of the first energy crisis. But here’s clean looking Newport that I spotted at a little car lot in Eugene. I’m really not in tune with the car market these days, other than knowing everything that moves seems to be somewhere between 50 and 100% more expensive than it was in 2019. So maybe $2995 is a pretty good asking price?

I just gabbed a few shots through the fence, so I can’t tell exactly what those dual exhausts are connected too, but I rather suspect it’s not likely to be the big 440, which wasn’t exactly a hot option that year. The standard 400 wasn’t exactly a gas-sipper either; in 1975 the 360 LA became the standard engine. At least they didn’t throw in the 90 hp slant six in desperation.

Yes, 1974 was a bad year for the car market, most of all for the big cars. The Chrysler brand, despite being completely restyled (“new”), had nothing but big cars in its stable; sales tumbled exactly 50% from 1973 (234k units) to 117k units in ’74. Ouch. It was the beginning of the end for big Chryslers (and C-Body Plymouths and Dodges). Except for a bit of a bump in 1977, sales were in terminal decline. It’s a mighty good thing the Cordoba came along in 1975, and then the LeBaron 1977. The last big Chryslers rolled off the lines in 1978, and the dies for making big block V8s were permanently retired. The end of an era.

But here’s your chance to relive those wonderful days of gas lines and prices that were changing almost daily. The beginning of the Malaise Era!


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