CC For Trade: 1974 Maverick Grabber – Just How Much Marijuana Is It Worth? One Way To Find Out

CC 298 123 1200

(first posted 8/9/2016)  Things have really changed changed quickly the past few years here, in regard to the former demon weed marijuana. So much so that folks will put out a nice classic car for sale on a busy street corner and ask for weed in trade, right there on the For Sale sign. And if you call up the number on the sign, and ask just how much weed they’re wanting, they’ll not only tell you in no uncertain terms, and even offer to to buy more from you for cash. Weed For Clunkers. Or classics, I should say, in the case of this fine Maverick Grabber.

I was in a rather desperate hurry when this Creamsicle Maverick first grabbed my attention, given that I had a Moen shower valve in my pocket and was heading to my favorite plumbing supply shop, that freely dispenses advice (as well as parts). It was advice I needed just then. And I got it. Too bad I didn’t implement it well.

So not more than 20 minutes later, I was heading there again, this time with the cold shut off valve insert from the Moen valve, having dropped the hot one into the void of the wall cavity as I was attempting to screw it back, through the round opening in the tub wall behind that chrome plate of the tub/shower handle. It’s the plumbing equivalent of brain surgery, and I failed. But I had cleared the arterial blockage/mineral debris that had clogged that valve, so at least I knew the main problem was solved, so I gave myself three minutes to shoot the Grabber. Good thing. I almost made a drug deal as a result.

CC 298 133 1200

First stop was the For Sale sign, as I was quite curious what a rather pristine Grabber could nab these days. The answer is: “OMMP trades or Powerstroke”. Any Oregon resident will instantly know what “OMMP” stands for (Oregon Medical Marijuana Program), and you all certainly know what a Powerstroke is (a big Ford diesel pickup, for you non-Americans). “OMMP” as well as just “medicine” has of course become the euphemism for cannabis here, although now that recreational marijuana is legal here too, “OMMP” is not used quite so much anymore. It’s all out of the closet now. And it’s quite a revolution, really. In my neighborhood, it’s growing everywhere in back yards.

CC 298 129 1200

But why just “OMMP trades”?  Well, the Montana license plate might be an explanation. Montana has a very restricted MM program, and no recreational, so street prices are much higher than Oregon. So maybe they’re looking to swap one of Montana’s finer Mavericks for some of Oregon’s finer crops. It certainly won’t be the first time.

CC 298 131 1200

One certainly doesn’t have to be stoned to appreciate this fine example of a Grabber, the decor package that elevated the Maverick from poverty-mobile to entry-level slave-wage-mobile. Something to cheer a young woman up on a cold, dark morning on the drive to another day in a cubicle.


Yes, they did have those in 1974, although not quite as commonly. And now offices are moving back more to the way they looked back in the 1920s. Except for laptops instead of typewriters; and not in such orderly rows.

CC 298 125 1200

Yes, the Grabber was strictly all show, and no go, given the standard 84 hp 200 inch six. Or possibly the 91 hp 250 incher. the seller didn’t specify which one, so we can only guess.  Or hope. Or just despair.

CC 298 124 1200

But who cares about that on a nasty cold morning? It’s the little touches like the orange highlights backing up the Maverick logo on the grille that really count. You still have doubts this was a “Secretary Special”.

CC 298 127 1200

Dad told her to stay away from those furrin’ cars when she got that first job at All-American Industries straight out of high school, with full benefits and enough pay for both an apartment and a new Maverick. Yes, 1974 was just a year or two past the all-time peak hourly earnings for Americans. I wonder if anyone has ever calculated how average hourly earnings for recent high school grads has changed since then. Don’t ask…wrong topic…wrong time of year…wrong web site…see how cheerful it is in there?

CC 298 128 1200

Even the back seat looks cheerful, until one tries to sit back there. Lee Iaccoca’s decision to recreate the 1960 Falcon with fashionable bell bottoms, wide lapels and miniskirts resulted in a 6″ loss of wheelbase, all of it out of the back seat. Young kids don’t care about that; they have competitions to see how many of them can cram into a VW. Let them try that in a Maverick…

CC 298 130 1200

Well, much has changed since this Maverick’s day. Certainly no one considered trading marijuana for one in 1974, although Jimmy Carter did come out very strongly for decriminalizing it in 1977. But one ounce isn’t going to buy this Maverick. I did wonder how much marijuana the seller has in mind? Only one way to find out.

CC 298 132 1200

So I called him up, and told him I didn’t have a Powerstroke, but was interested to know roughly how much he wanted in OMMP trades. “Well, that depends on what you got; I’d like to see it first. But I’m thinking about 8 plus (pounds). How much do you value your stuff at?

His immediate directness put me on the spot a bit. “Ummm…eleven, twelve, thirteen? (hundred per pound).” (I’ve heard wholesale prices have really been slipping, but I’m hardly an expert). “Oh! Well, hey man, I’d really like to see it; I’d pay cash for that, and as much as you got, if it’s reasonably decent.

Oops…I’ve underpriced my imaginary product. I never was good at buying and selling cars, never mind with weed. “Well, yeah; let me think about that a bit more. I was really attracted to your Grabber more than the cash…I’ll get back to you…”   Actually, current prices in Oregon for outdoor-grown cannabis is down below $1400 (an all-time low) on the spot market, according to the most reliable source. So I wasn’t far off. And I was talking about last year’s outdoor leftovers.

Yeah, man; do call me back…I don’t really need to sell the car; I’ve got plenty of cash. I’m really looking for product…”  So is the Grabber sitting there with its For Sale sign just a classic bait and switch routine?


Postscript/Warning/Disclaimer: Selling Medical Marijuana in Oregon other than to a licensed OMMP dispensary or directly from a licensed OMMP grower to their registered OMMP patient is still strictly illegal. The sale of recreational marijuana is likewise highly regulated (and taxed). Of course, enforcement is essentially nonexistent. Unless one happens to get pulled over in a Creamsicle Grabber on the way to Montana with 8+ pounds of weed.