CC For Sale: 1975 Argentine Falcon – Something A Bit Different For Your Collection?

Sure original-style Falcons were still being made in 1975; in Argentina. We did an extensive look at the near-immortal Falcon made there between 1962 and 1991 here. Now here’s your chance to own one of them, this fine example from 1975 available in Uruguay for $5,000 US.

The falcon started life there as the same as the US version in 1962, but evolved steadily, stylistically and technically. This is being called in the ad as a “188”, so I assume that refers to its displacement, the Argentine Falcon six having received a bit of enlarging to create that unique displacement.

And there’s a four speed transmission to back up the six. There was also another unique Argentine version of the six, with 221 CID (3.6 L), and it got a better-breathing head as well, with proper ports and intake manifold.

Obviously that dash has nothing in common with the one that was originally designed in Dearborn.

rear seat leg room looks to be pretty decent in this picture. Ford did claim that the 1960 Falcon had 90% of the usable interior space of its big cars. No wonder they sold so well.

You’d probably get some attention at the Cars & Coffee if you arrived in this.