CC For Sale: 1975 Mohs Safarikar – $349,500 For The More Modest Mohs

The Mohs Automobile Company only ever built two models, and only a total of four cars. The first was the truly magnificent Mohs Ostentatienne Opera Sedan (picture below). Only the one was built, as apparently the world wasn’t yet ready for something so over the top and blinged-out back in 1967. It was just ten or twenty years ahead of its time.

So Mr. Mohs took a smaller dose of magic mushrooms for Mohs #2: the Safarikar. Somewhat surprisingly, a total of three were actually made. And one is now on the market, for a mere $349,500. If you’re looking for something only semi-ostentatious, here’s your car.

Just to put the Safarikar in perspective, here’s the Ostentatienne Opera Sedan. Riding on an International medium-duty truck chassis and sporting 20″ wheels at a time when everyone was riding on 13 and 14 inchers, it was a very prescient car indeed.

Without getting political, I’m a bit surprised that Donald Trump didn’t buy it. It would have suited him perfectly: The Trumpmobile. Maybe he’ll revive it in his next career.

Mr. Mohs gave it a break until 1973, when he went back to the well for the Safarikar. It’s based on an International Travelall, but obviously it’s been heavily redecorated.

Of course the top opens, for proper safari-ing.

In the front, there’s three genuine bucket seats. And a period-correct CB radio.

In the back, there’s a seat for the shooters, complete with rifle holders and even two rifles.

The back seat folds down for sleeping safely in the wilds of Africa.


Although toned down from its predecessor, Mr. Mohs’ fixation on large grilles and hood ornaments are still very much on display.

Under the hood is an International 392 V8. It’s downright boring, compared to the rest of the Safarikar.

The doors swing out and back in such a way as to make ingress and egress as difficult as possible. Brilliant! The rear door of the Ostentienne was undoubtedly much easier to use.

Hyman LTD is handling the sale, and here’s the ad with lots more pictures. And a tip of the hat to Oliver M. for pointing me there.