CC For Sale: 1978 Oldsmobiler Cutlass Salon Aeroback – A Neighborhood Fixture Is Finally Going

CC 293 036 1200

I hate to see this one go. It’s been an institution in our neighborhood since we moved here 23 years ago, at a house owned by two women a block away. But all things must pass, and so will this Aeroback, which has graced these pages twice. First time was in the CC Complete Cutlass Chronicles Part 9, and more recently, it was in this Outtake, when I saw it hooked up to their utility trailer, which sports Studebaker wheel covers.

CC 293 037 1200

Here’s the sign, for the Oldsmobiler. No price, but you can call if an aeroback just has to be in your driveway. It does have the “small V8”, which would be the 260 cubic incher.

CC 293 039 1200

It appears to have led a rather pampered life, except for the occasional trailer-haul to the yard waste recycling facility. I’m not sure about those two black-handled things poking out from below the steering column. Hmm.

CC 293 038 1200

There’s that trailer back there. The paint on this Cutlass is getting a bit faded, but this would make a great period piece. Just don’t tell them I sent you (they’re not totally happy about me having put their car on the web, even though it was sitting at the curb). Oh well…maybe that’s why they’re selling it; it’s been tainted.