CC For Sale: 1981 Oldsmobile Sport Omega – 1 of 700 Made; Here’s Your Chance To Own a Unicorn

CC reader Chris M. sent me the link to this extremely rare 1981 Sport Omega for sale in Buffalo, NY. The ad says “Less than 700 made”. I’m inclined to believe it, as Google essentially strikes out on this car, except for a couple of older pictures. I’m a bit perplexed, as there was also an Omega SX available, at least in 1980. But the lack of brochures online for the 1981 Omega means I can’t be sure whether the SportOmega replaced the SX, or was an additional model.


Here’s the SX, from the 1980 brochure. It was apparently an appearance package, as the iron Duke four was the standard engine. Nothing sporty about that.

And this Sport Omega also has the four, but at least it has the four-speed manual transmission. Still not exactly sporty.

The ad says it 77k miles, and “runs and drives excellent” But then it also has the ominous “Needs TLC” disclaimer.

The asking price is $2500. If you ever had a hankering for an unusual X Body, this is your car. The graphics alone are worth that.