CC For Sale: 1982 VW Diesel Pickup – Not Much Pickup But It Still Hauls

That the VW Pickup was designed specifically for the US, despite it being a tiny FWD unibody thing, may seem rather odd from today’s perspective, given how big trucks have become, and trying to sell anyhting less than a full-framed truck seems to be the kiss of death. And it’s not like this pickup was designed in a rush after the second energy crisis, when everyone was rushing to micro-size their cars. No, the VW pickup arrived in 1979, by which time the first energy crisis was becoming a distant memory. No wonder it never sold very well.

But it did develop a cult following, most of all in diesel form. After the second energy crisis, diesel anythings were in huge demand. And here was a pickup that could get 40+mpg. And in subsequent decades, there were certain folks who were steadfast in their loyalty to them. If they had a second car, it was most likely a Prius. I’ve seen this one around for years, but it’s finally getting sold.

No price, but I bet it won’t dirt cheap. Even though the cult of the original VW diesels has thinned out, there will be some idealistic kid who will buy it, most likely. It’s not like they’re hard to keep running.

The bed is a full 6′ long, which affords sleeping quarters for a cozy couple. And its load capacity rating was a not-inconsiderable 1,100 lbs (500kg).

This bed looks to be in very decent shape, thanks to the topper, which looks to be as old as the truck.

No info on how many hundreds of thousands of miles this one has put behind it, but from the looks of the drivers’ seat, I’d guess at least a couple. Driving these is akin to driving a very vintage air-cooled VW: it’s slow, but it will get you there. That’s the reality of some 45 horsepower.

No, it’s not a “Rabbit Pickup” as Wikipedia refers to it. The Rabbit name was never used. Of course it came to be known as the “Caddy” after VW started building it in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia. It was also built in South Africa and Argentina, but never in Germany, and was a very rare sight in its motherland. And it kept on being built right through 1995.

I’ll miss seeing this one, but all things must pass…into the hands of a new loving owner.