CC For Sale: 1983 Ford LTD – My Kind Of LTD?

It’s well known here I have a bit of a complicated relationship with Ford LTDs. I’ve not been very kind to them, here, here, and here, and a few other places I’m sure. Perhaps that explains why I keep running into these Fox-LTD’s, as this is the second one in the past couple of years (the other one is our only CC on these). Perhaps they think I like them, since I seem to be pretty friendly with its earlier incarnation, the Fairmont.

Friendly enough to buy one?

The For Sale sign wasn’t up in the rear window the first time we saw it on our walk and when I shot it; a couple days later it was. Hmm. $2,250, and only 77k miles. If I was to ever want to buy one of these, this one might be the one; it probably wouldn’t be hard to get the price down a bit too.

I don’t know what happened, but there’s no interior shot of the front, which I normally shoot first. But the back seat sure looks to be in most excellent condition.

I’ll borrow the front seat shot from the other one, which is unfair, as it’s quite ratty and dirty and gross. But here it is just in case you wanted to see what one of these looks like.

As to what’s under the hood, I have no firm idea. It could be the 2.3 L Lima four, the 200 ci Falcon six, the 232 (3.8L) “Essex” V6 or even the 302 (5.0 L) Windsor V8. This looks like a real grandma’s car, so I’m going with the Falcon six. That rather blunts my desire, not that it was very strong to start with.

I’m not sure just why I shot this wheel cover, except perhaps that its somewhat cryptic design embossed in the center. Just what is it supposed to represent? And how does it relate to the LTD? Inquiring minds would like to know. Imagine an archeologist uncovering one of these several centuries from now, and wondering what to make of it? A fertility symbol? A message left by or for aliens?

Who would ever have guessed in the mid seventies that the storied “LTD” name and badge would find itself on a replacement for the Maverick? With a standard four cylinder engine? The American car world was never so turned upside down as it was by the second energy crisis.

Well, there was an “LDO” version of the Maverick, so why not LTD?

This is a mighty clean example, if you’re into shrunken-head LTDs. I hope whoever bought it realizes what they have. But most likely it’ll end up in the hands of some kids who think it’s cool for having been built a decade or more before they were born, and in a few years it will end up looking like the blue one that I found a couple of years ago, owned by just such a young guy.

Feast your eyes, as it’s now gone and likely never to be seen again. I very much doubt it went to Germany like the ’72 I almost bought. It’s too…un-American for their taste. The era of the Strassenkreuzer was over, for them and for us.

Nice try, LTD, thinking you could sucker me into buying an LTD thanks to your svelte and lithe body and little six. Not buying it, though.



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