CC For Sale: 1983 Saab 900 – A Genuine Eugene-mobile

How about a counterpoint to that Challenger 4×4? This is about as polar-opposite as it gets, a safe, low and modestly-powered Saab sedan. I shot it last spring, so I have doubts as to whether it’s still available, but you can always buy it vicariously. And thus avoid the “minor issues easily and cheaply fixed”.

Here’s the particulars. It’s not exactly the most exciting version of a 900, what with four doors, no turbo and an automatic. But then you just know it was owned by a conscientious soul (we have a surfeit of those here) who probably biked to work every day, hence the relatively low miles for such an old car.

The interior’s condition tends to support my assumption of the…ah…stereotyped owner, but much better one of them than the alternative. It looks quite immaculate.

That goes even more for the back seat. This owner did not raise kids in this car. And the next owner (and the planet) thanks her for that.

Looks like that back door might have been hit, very gently by a Prius, no doubt. And neither party got the slightest bit mad.

Ok, so here’s your chance for a really fine example of a Eugene-mobile. Too unchallenging?