CC For Sale: 1986 Mazda 323 Wagon with 32,241 Miles – For $5,988 You Can Relive 1986

Been pining about the good old days of nifty little Japanese wagons? CC reader Matt Z. sent me the link to Timber Ford in Hayward, WI, which has the answer: this like-new 1986 Mazda 323 wagon. It’s in practically like-new shape. if it weren’t for the odometer, one might think they just discovered it hiding since 1986 in a storage building. It’s a perfect time capsule; not exactly cheap, but think of all the miles this baby still has in it.

Well, maybe there’s just a teeny tiny bit of wear on the edge of that passenger seat, but its upholstered in that indestructuble fabric the Japanese were weaving on hand looms back then.

The carpets look terrific from this shot.

And even the original floor mats are in great shape.

Here’s the proof.

Loo k at the shine on this baby. And this is a Northern Wisconsin car. Matt thinks it quite likely was a summer vacation car, as lots of folks have cabins up here. That would explain a few things. Or it might have been some old folks’ car that never took it out except on dry sunny days.

No cracks on this dash.

You could probably count the times someone sat on the back seat with one hand.

Who’s going to call first?