CC For Sale: 1987 Honda Civic Wagon With 42,557 Miles – Here’s Your Chance To Own The Most Brilliant Wagon Of The Eighties

Honda 1987 civic wagon fq

It’s not too uncommon to find ‘grandma’ cars from the 80s with low mileage and that have led a very pampered existence. But Honda wagons are not common in this genre; more likely a Buick Century or such. But then this is from Amherst, MA, where Hondas probably outnumber Buicks already by the late 70s.

This car really tugs at me, as we had one just like it, in blue. It was mainly Stephanie’s car, but I drove it on weekends sometimes as I really liked the contrast to my ’83 Turbo Coupe. Yes, it was slower, but it handled the canyons beautifully, especially downhill. But most of all, it was just such a brilliant packaging job; perhaps the best in the world at the time. 

Honda 1987 civic wagon int

For such an extremely short car (159″) it was astonishingly roomy inside, thanks to its ‘tallboy’ stance and brilliant design. The seats were a bit small, but I never experienced such lavish real estate around my legs and upper body in a passenger car. This came out two years before the Chrysler minivans, so it really was revolutionary, in terms of cars sold in the US. Never mind the superb visibility through all those tall windows. You wonder why I drive a gen1 xB today? It’s the closest thing there is to one of these; well, it’s actually roomier.

Honda 1987 civic wagon int r

The back seat was even a bigger surprise and revelation. Again, there was nothing like this available elsewhere except perhaps the Mitsubishi/Colt Spacewagon. The room back here, especially leg room, was phenomenal (the front seat is obviously pushed all the way back here). I remember sitting back here in the middle between my two little kids in their booster seats; they were four and two at the time. I just wanted to hang out with them while on a trip, and the Honda’s rear seat made that totally doable and even comfortable, even though I’m 6’4″. Or was. Which means today I’d have even more room back there…

Honda 1987 civic wagon rq

CC reader Bill Stein is trying to sell this, and asked if I was interested. If this had a stick, I’d be tempted, but as I said, my xBox is just the same formula taken even further. But when this came out in 1983, this little wagon blew me away. So much room, so efficient, and so much fun to drive. Honda hit a home run. And if you want to relive it, here’s the ad and tell Bill you came from CC, so that I can hit him up for a 3% commission on the sale. BTW, he’s asking $4700.

CC 57 076 400-vert

Of course, if you’s rather have a more modern version, Honda will still sell you something similar (gen1 Fit shown).

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