CC For Sale: 1990 Ford Taurus GL Sedan – Would You Pay $4,500 For A Taurus With Less Than 30k Miles On It?

Autotrader Ford Taurus

I might. Although that price is a bit high. But how many decent looking examples of the first generation Taurus/Sable are left? Especially ones with less than 30k miles on the odometer?

1990 Ford Taurus Autotrader

Back in 2017, Paul discussed the rarity of the first gen Taurus. These are exceedingly rare even in states that don’t salt their roads. In New York, nearly every vehicle over twenty years old is a sight to behold, especially if they’re in decent shape. Third generation Taurus and Sables are quite uncommon these days, and fourth generation examples are quickly following suit. This particular Taurus seems to have spent its life in Washington state, which likely explains why it’s rust-free.

1990 Ford Taurus AutoTrader

This bull is also a low mileage example. Unfortunately, Ford had yet to switch over to six digit odometers in 1990, which makes it impossible to determine if the number shown above is the real deal.

The Carfax report doesn’t clarify things either. No mileage was officially recorded between 2004 and 2017. And after 2011, Washington state did not require anyone to report its mileage.

1990 Taurus autostrader

That being said, this example definitely looks like it has less than 30k miles on it. Aside from some bumper scratches and a rear bumper that looks misaligned, the car is close to being in showroom condition, at least cosmetically.

As for options, this appears to be a relatively plain GL model. The ad says it comes with a three speed automatic, but that’s incorrect, because the Vulcan 3.0 liter V6 only came equipped with a four speed automatic.

The interior looks pretty much perfect. The seller did not include any decent shots of the dash, so it’s impossible to determine what amenities the dealer or owner opted for. But it does appear to at least have power locks and windows. The lack of any rocker panel moldings suggests that this model was not ordered with the 202A Preferred Equipment Package. That means this Taurus might not have A/C or cruise control. However, at thirty years old, those things could be more of a liability than a benefit.

1990 ford taurus autotrader

As CC’s resident Ford Taurus historian/fanatic, I declare this Taurus a decent buy. It’s not my ideal first gen. That would go to this 1990 Taurus wagon I spotted last year. But at this point beggars can’t be choosers. My goal is to purchase a first gen Taurus by 2021 at the latest. Not at that price though. I’d take it for $3,000. Hopefully something like this is around when I am ready to buy.

Source: Autotrader