CC For Sale: 1990 Toyota Corolla Wagon, $2450 – The Best Thirty Year Old Used Car, Period

$2450 might sound a bit steep for a thirty year old car. But then this is not just any old thirty year old car; it’s the best thirty year old car, period. That is, if you’re looking for reliable, cheap wheels. Of course ideally one would pick one of these up for $200, which I did a few years back. That was a great car, and after my son’s then GF didn’t want it anymore, I sold it for $600 to a guy who was working for me at the time, and he was thrilled to get it, ’cause it was a steal and he knew it. And he drove it for quite a while. I think I still see it around, or maybe another one just like it.

And this is a wagon. And I just remembered, a good friend had an automatic wagon like this that she bought from our next door neighbors. She drove it for years, almost ten. And then sold it to a kid she knew, who snapped it out of her hands.

Yes, these are the quintessential Eugene-mobiles, even if this one is in Portland.

And this one looks to be in very good shape. It’s got all of 155,551 miles on it; barely broken in. Seriously, these were as well-built, durable and reliable basic cars as were ever built. If I were a bit strapped for cash or even thriftier than I am, and needed cheap wheels, I’d be looking for one of these, maybe a bit cheaper, preferably.

But this one might well be worth the asking price, or something a bit lower. It’s got another ten years in it, easy.

CL Portland