CC For Sale: 1991 Honda Accord Wagon – Peak Accord

This is my favorite generation Accord, as it was still a very lithe and light and nippy car, yet quite refined too. And it came in wagon too. There were only two generations of Accord wagons, this being the first. The next generation was a good car, as were all Accords, but looked a bit dull and dreary. I could have seen myself in one of these. And someone else did too, as it wasn’t there long with its For Sale sign.

No price, but I suspect it wasn’t much. But if it was still running fine, it probably will for some time to come. That’s why there’s still a few of these around. A classic Eugene beater-mobile.

The interior appears to be in decent shape. It’s an automatic. Honda started out a bit behind the curve with its two-speed Hondamatic, but it quickly went to a three speed Hondamatic in 1979, and just four years later debuted the four speed. How many cars from Detroit had four speed automatics in 1983?

In terms of modern standards, the back seat wasn’t exactly lavish with legroom, but it seemed pretty adequate in its day. We’ve gotten spoiled by modern standards. But then this Accord is almost the exact same length as today’s Civic.

Strictly speaking, the styling on this wagon wasn’t exactly stellar, as it’s really just a sedan with a long roof. The wagon version only arrived for the 1991 model year, a year after the sedan and coupe. It was only built in the US at Marysville, OH, but were exported to Japan and Europe, where it was called the Aerodeck. That applied to the coupe too.

The rear cargo area is ideal for hauling dogs.