CC For Sale: 1991 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser $1995 – “it appears an animal did eat some of the interior”

(Dave B., who is the manager at St. Vinny’s car sales lot and a loyal CC reader, sent me the link to their tongue-in-cheek ad for this splendid Custom Cruiser)

1991 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser Station Wagon, with a 5.0L V8 lurking in the engine bay, odometer reads only 226,543 miles. This boulevard barge was previously owned by a small bear or large dog as it appears an animal did eat some of the interior. There is room in the back for a family of two adults and five children, with a bonus room for the mother-in-law in the basement (spare tire wheel well). But wait, there’s more!

This car/boat/barge/container ship has a few minor dents on the passenger side. The bear/dog owner/driver mentioned above apparently was not licensed to drive, and when delivering newspapers, actually drove on the sidewalk, with obvious and catastrophic results. No worries, these dents will most likely buff out just fine.

The driver’s seat appears to be permanently fixed in the fully reclined position.

However, the seat does include the rare factory option of a Lime Green Bungee Cord support strut for the driver’s complete comfort and safety (Note: Other Bungee Cord seat support color options for this vehicle back in the day included “Road Rage Red” and “Broke Down at the Saginaw I-5 Rest Stop Blue”).

The front passenger seat is equipped with a standard white pull chord for emergency ejection from the vehicle in case of an… um, emergency.

When this amazing behemoth first came to us, and before one of our ASE-Certified Cat Mechanics did some basic maintenance on it, the engine sounded like a decommissioned 1949 Union Pacific Railroad Locomotive, but without all the whistles and steam. Now, the engine purrs, like… one of our ASE-Certified Cat Mechanics (after lunch with his feet up on the break room table). Actually, the engine does run smoothly and sound good.

We are asking $1995 for this spectacular example of Detroit Heavy Metal (vehicle is subject to prior sale), with our pricing justification being: 1) It’s a running, driving near classic, and we can put whatever price we want to on it, and 2) In trying to make the world a better place by promoting Love, Joy, Hope and Peace, we encourage laughter and enjoy the sound of people laughing.

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