CC For Sale: 1992 Subaru Loyale Wagon – Already Gone

CC 268 009 1200

Subarus are the official car of Eugene. I can’t find the statistics, but there’s no doubt that it’s the best selling car in Lane County, and Oregon, for that matter. Subarus are the top selling vehicle (trucks included) in Washington, Colorado, Maine and Connecticut. They long took over the role that Volvo once had, and then some. But this is hardly a new phenomena here; Subies have been selling well here since the 70s. Which means there’s old ones that need to be sold off, like this 1992 Loyale. 

CC 268 005 1200

My iphone flubbed this shot, but then you’re not missing much from this angle. The front end is…utilitarian.

CC 268 006 1200

Here’s the important shot. 1992 was near the end of the run for this generation Leone, which was sold as the GL here until about 1990. But when the new Legacy came out and the GL became the Loyale, presumably named for those theta preferred the boxy GL over the sleeker new Legacy. Subaru owners are loyal, although we did switch brands a while back.

CC 268 011 1200

It’s got 227k miles on it, and a stain on the front seat, but otherwise it looks pretty good. The 1.8L boxer four in these cars developed a rep for being very durable, and was immune to the incontinent head gasket maladies that affected so many of the later 2.5 L EJ-25 engines. This one probably has a good bit of life in it yet.

CC 268 012 1200

Presumably, the bike is not included. Doesn’t look like a Schwinn due to the lugs on the frame. One of you will know.

CC 268 013 1200

The body looks solid, except for these two surface rust spots. It was probably garaged; just leave it out over the winter and our magical healing rains will wash that right off.

CC 268 008 1200

Even with all those miles, this might well make a decent car for some typically under-employed Eugenian who wants to go cross-country skiing this winter (snow permitting). In fact, it was gone two days later…