CC For Sale: 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis – Port Orford’s Grandest

Port Orford is littered with CC’s, most of them showing the signs of decades of use, even if it’s just for scooting around town. But this one, found sitting in front of the library, is a cream puff. I don’t guarantee it’s still available, as this was shot a little while back. It’s obviously led a very sheltered life, with nary a sign of sunburn or little tell-tales of the salty air.

Like Port Orford itself, it’s a bit of a period piece.

I’m not exactly a Panther fan, but I can see why others are. But the front end of this one looks a bit pinched and generic. But it’s got those nice alloys.

The interior looks as pristine as the exterior.

My only time in Panthers was as a taxi passenger in the back seat, and I always found it surprisingly tight and uncomfortable. Give me a Camry back seat, please.

It’s got the immortal Ford keyless entry. I still remember the code from my ’83 T-Bird: 23252. Will it ever die?

The grand finale of America’s big RWD sedans.

Just in case…