CC For Sale: 2006 Toyota Solara Motorhome – “Slightly Modified”

CC reader Matt sent me these shots from a Facebook Marketplace ad for a truly stunning and highly unexpected home built motorhome. Yes, it’s a 2006 Solara, sporting a new appendage in back. And the only description the seller added to the basic vehicle info was the understatement of the millennium:  “Slightly modified”.  Really?

Let’s take the full tour.

There’s a door back there. Why the builder chose to put it on the driver’s side might be a good question, but then to each their own.

So let’s step in, as long as you can fit. It’s a tad narrow.



It has a decidedly vintage feel, from all the plywood paneling. The plywood looks to be a bit vintage itself, perhaps salvaged from an old trailer?


I’m afraid it looks to be incomplete. Did the owner give up at this stage? That’s a shame, as this had some real potential.


It’s nicely streamlined. I bet it rides along quite decently.

And it’s certainly a pleasant driver’s compartment.


The back end looks a bit jury rigged. Oh; I get it. Those are the original tail lights from the Solara. Maybe just the outer ones might have looked a bit better.

It just needs a bit of finishing up. And the $1500 asking price seems modest enough. The Solara has 214k miles on it, but that’s nothing. Here’s your chance to enjoy van life in a Toyota, which is not easy to come by.