CC For Sale: 2014 Toyota Camry Hybrid – Retired NYC Taxi Cab, Round 2: Partially Electric Boogaloo With 335k Miles

2014 Toyota Camry hybrid nyc taxi cab

Last week I asked if a high mileage C-Max that served as a taxi in NYC still had any value left in it. The overwhelming consensus from you Curbivores was that no, it does not. That’s understandable. Former NYC cabs probably have far too much blood, sweat, semen, and tears in them to be considered safe, even after a thorough cleaning. That being said, does one with a Toyota badge make a difference?

2014 toyota camry hybrid nyc taxi cab

I’m fairly certain all the CC’s for sale I’ve posted so far come from dealers. The exception being the 1995 Acclaim I posted the other day. Craigslist now charges people to list cars, so that’s probably going to happen more often. Regardless, my digital adventures have brought me to these retired NYC taxis and the dealer that sells them. I still can’t help but think these things are worth owning. Imagine the excitement of seeing how much life is left in something like this Camry! The risks are sudden hospitalizations and the contraction of several STDs, but still, I think it might pay off in the end.

2014 toyota camry hybrid taxi

Are these pictures purposefully low resolution so that potential buyers won’t be turned off by all the scratches and dings of a retired cab? Probably, but then anyone who assumes something like this is fine should probably get their brain scanned to see if it’s still functioning. Then again, they’d be the perfect mark for something like this…

2014 toyota camry hybrid

This era of Camry hybrid achieved an EPA combined rating of 40 mpg. Solid numbers. Horsepower was rated at 202 with 157 Ib-ft of torque also available. How much of that is left after 335,000 miles? Only way way to find out! You can understand why these are so good as taxis.

Inside, the Camry has the same vinyl seating as the C-Max. I can’t tell if these replaced the factory fabric or if they were just installed over the regular cloth. I think it might be the former.

The interior is obviously a bit worn. It looks like the rear A/C duct broke lose at some point and was screwed back on. Or maybe this is an aftermarket addition. Can you get an aftermarket rear A/C duct installed if a car could be equipped with it in higher trims? It’s a possibility.

In any event, it looks like the center stack has held up a bit better than the previously featured Ford. That taxi’s buttons were not in bad shape, but were definitely worn. Seems like the electronics still work too.

In conclusion, I’d definitely purchase this Camry hybrid if I were rich and could treat $2,900 cash like it was nothing and just wanted to find out what it was like to own an extremely high mileage hybrid. Realistically, I would consider this if I were in the market and could obtain it for $500, max $1,000. I mean, come on. Who doesn’t want to own a car with zip ties inexplicably fastened to the alloy rims?

Source: Staten Island craigslist