CC For Sale: A guy named Victor from Vauxhall selling his namesake

I came across this ad in my usual search of what oddball classic cars are for sale nearby. It is a 1960 Vauxhall Victor which is a bit of a rare find in roadworthy condition, but is, according to the ad, owned by a fellow named Victor who lives in a town called Vauxhall. This is too perfect to be a coincidence.

Map of Vauxhall

Vauxhall is a small town of 1,222 people as per the 2016 census and is the self described “Potato Capital of the West”. For anyone not familiar with the location, it is southern Alberta between Lethbridge and Medicine Hat. A couple hours drive north of Montana. I believe the only time I ventured to Vauxhall was about a decade ago for a kid’s hockey tournament with my eldest son. I vividly remember it, as it was quite cold outside (-25C/-13F) but the hockey area was somehow even colder inside except for the home team’s bench which had a space heater above it. No heater for the visitors so our team had to take our players outside to our vehicles for a break to warm them up between periods. So my apologies to Vauxhall residents, but that is my most vivid memory of your town.

1960 Vauxhall Victor photo 1

We have covered the F series Vauxhall Victor a few times already (further reading links at the conclusion) so let’s just take a quick look at this particular example. It looks in reasonable shape with appears to be some recent body and paint work on the passenger door. Someone has gone with a hot rod chic theme with the red wheel with hub cap for the rear, but not followed the idea forward. The two tone color scheme is quite attractive although I might pass on the white wall tires myself.

1960 Vauxhall Victor driving

The ad included a photo of it driving, which is certainly encouraging as most of these survivors that I come across in Southern Alberta have been in long term hibernation.


The front view shows off the less fussy Series II front end styling.

front fender

Capping off the ad photos is one of the front fender. The chrome looks to be good shape and complete which is a big positive. However, it is a shame there is no interior shots, as that is often the place these less mainstream classics fall down condition wise, as replacement parts can be hard to track down as they are generally limited to good second hand bits.

I wonder how many other owner/location name connections there can be. Is there a person named Lancia in Monte Carlo owning their namesake? Or a dude named Dodge living in Daytona enjoying his coupe?

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