CC For Sale: Artsy Nissan Quest – Now You Can Own a Little Bit of Eugene

For years I’ve been showing you the colorful painted cars of Eugene, something of a local specialty. But now you can own one! And it’s quite affordable. Think of how cheerful it will be to look at this every morning as you get ready to head to the office. And all the smiles you’ll get sitting in freeway traffic. You need this in your life, especial you Mid Westerners!

The Nissan Quest van has been around for quite a while, and I’m sure I shared it with you sometime back on this long, strange trip together.

Check out that beautiful hood. Wow, man! It’s like I can see right through it to the other side of the universe.


Even the plastic wheel covers have been treated to this artist’s touch.



And it being a van is of course so right on so many cosmic levels, as well as just practical.


You might be pleasantly surprised that the interior is in very nice and clean condition. So much for your stereotypes about dirty hippies.


And that goes for the two rear seats too.

At that price, it’s a steal. Everything works, even the paint job.


Let me know, and I’ll even take it for an interstellar test run for you. It’s the least I can do.